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Darren Zhang

Project Director (Kunming)

Darren hails from Beijing but he has been residing and working in Kunming for quite a while. He is managing our projects in Kunming and China region; both project execution and strategizing business opportunities. Darren possesses good communication skills. Due to his transparent and neutral attitude as well, Darren acts as a fulcrum between us and clients in deriving a mutual result and outcome for both parties. Darren would take initiative in executing project matters and his ability to anticipate probable scenarios serves well for all parties.

张大伦(张总)来自北京,但他已经在昆明居住并工作了一段时间。 张总是我们昆明公司的负责人;管理和监督我们在昆明和中国分内的 项目执行和业务规划。 张总拥有良好的沟通能力,对内对外都能亲切并专业的沟通;无所不谈。 由于他的透明和中立的态度,张总也成为我们和客户之间的支点,为双方在项目或业务上达到共识。 张总都会以主动的心态将执行和处理项目事宜。 他也善于预测在项目上所可发生的情况;因此能对症下药。

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