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Janny Lee

Studio Manager / Business Development  (Kunming)

She is managing our client service department and also assist in managing the office. She is detailed in both her planning and execution; her non-nonsense but yet sensible attitude is always a motivation to her fellow colleagues.


Janny is also very approachable to both our client and colleagues; her sensitivity to client needs ensures that we look beyond the design input in achieving a complete solution or service.Janny also contributes and participate in the business strategies of the company. 

李芬(李经理)是维护业主方资源部门和工作室的主管。 她在行政筹备和执行上都很详细; 她乐观和专业的态度也因此是同事们认真对事,学习的的动力。 李经理业主方和同事们在沟通上都很友好;带亲切感。 李经理在我们的方案设计流程中也提出理智性的反馈;以便我们能更深露的为业主方思考,彻底的了解业主方的心态而做出一个完整的方案。李经理也参与公司的业务规划。

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