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Pink Fashion Leggings


In this new flagship store at Plaza Senayan, SISSAE  would be showcasing their brand new collections as well; a testimonial of how far the brand has achieved. We have hence emphasis on contemporary design elements in driving this new brand direction to the consumers. DAP would like to portray that SISSAE is their lifestyle essential ; from work to leisure, ladies from all walks of life and even their beloved children.

此设计方案的灵感来自业主方对品牌的那股热情和信念。 因此,室内的设计元素描述了他们创造品牌的旅程,其艺术价值,其品牌的优雅程度。 在考虑到消费者体验的方面,我们规划了一个舒适且具有摄影布景效果的环境,让消费者就能表达自己,并为自己的时装秀拍照留念。整体空间在平面规划时,我们考虑了一个敞开式空间;无论消费者从哪个进出口进入都能对产品一目了然

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