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About us


​DA & Partners was formed in August 2017. As the name implies, we aim to create strong partnership with our clients and associates in achieving a timeless showcase for everyone. Our inspiration comes from all walks of life, subjects from our environment, and even good old Gene Kelly movies. It is not possible to be at the top of the world but certainly achievable in gaining top values for those working with us. DA&P is a multi-discipline consultant firm. Working on their years of experience to fill the needs of the market. being a world wide talents from Southeast Asia to China. DA&P is able to tackle various kind of projects around the world.

DA&P setup first office in Singapore and Bangkok, subsequently in China to meet the market demands. Our founding partner Anthony Choo has years of experience in both Asia and China. 

We value the importance of good communication and mutual chemistry in achieving the ideal results for all. DA&P also aim to be a platform in sharing and inspiring the passion of design, and the passion to embrace a designed lifestyle.

DA_空艺优品(昆明)成立于2016年8月。顾名思义,我们旨在与业主方建立牢固的合作伙伴关系,为每个项目提供经得起时光考验,而达到永恒的好作品。我们的灵感来自各行各业,环境,甚至是金典电影或音乐。我们不要求跻身世界之巅,但深信并实现在项目上的最高价值观; 应用我们多年的经验来填补和满足市场需求。




Our Team.

Al profile.jpeg
Anthony Choo

Tel: +65 9138-8219

Kavında Kariyapperuma 
Executive Director

Tel: +66-80907-6619

bank color profile.jpg
Bank Tanapooma
Creative Director

Tel: +66-80907-6619

Nicholas Chia
Associate Director

Tel: +86-134-3988-5009

janny profile.jpeg
Janny Li
Business Development

Tel: +86 159 1215 3968

darren profile.jpg
Darren Zhang
Project Director

Tel: +86 159 1215 3968

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